25+ Years of Teaching Piano

New York State Certified for K-6

NYSSMA Preparation - All Levels

Excellent with Complete Beginners

The Beginning of Something Special

There is nothing quite like the joy of playing music. My mission is to help students experience that joy in a way that will carry forward throughout their lives. While guiding students toward mastery of the piano or guitar as a musical instrument, my higher goal is to foster a lifelong love of music in every student.

Young Students

Giving a child their first music lesson opens a new world that crosses the boundaries of time and geography. Beautiful music comes from all parts of the globe, in all genres, and has been created throughout the centuries. If you are thinking about giving your child this gift, you are on the verge of bringing something very special into his or her life.

To be an important part of that is the most rewarding part of teaching piano. Helping students grow in their playing ability, as well as in their appreciation and love of music is what makes me feel that I am contributing something special to the lives of my students.

I have many years of experience in preparing students for all levels of NYSSMA, with a long history of outstanding (A+) and excellent (A) gradings.


If you are an adult who has always wanted to play the piano or guitar, but perhaps didn't feel you had the talent or just didn't have the time, rest assured that you will discover more musical ability inside you than you ever dreamed. And once you've begun the process of that discovery, you will surely want to make some time for your new passion.